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Personal Information

Om Dailyneeds Retailing Pvt Ltd (“ODNRPL”) is the licensed owner of the brand Dailyneeds and the website dailyneeds.net (”The website”) respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy provides details of the manner your data is collected and used by ODNRPL on the website. Upon your visit to the website as a customer you are advised to kindly read the Privacy Policy very carefully. As you access the website to get services as available, you agree to allow us to collect and use of your data by ODNRPL in the manner as provided in the Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Services overview as a component of the enrolment procedure on the website.

ODNRPL may gather the accompanying and recognizable data about you: Name, email-ID, Mobile number and contact details, Postal code, Demographic profile (like your age, sexual orientation, occupation, instruction, address and so on.) and data about the pages on the site you visit/get to, the connections you click on the site, the occasions you get to the page and any such perusing data.


Services of the Site would be available to only select geographies in NCR of Delhi with specific postal codes. Insolvents or Minors as explain who are "incompetent to contract" within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 are not eligible to use the Site. Minor i.e. below the age of 18 years but at least aged 13 years may use the Site only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use. You are prohibited from purchasing any material which is for adult consumption and the sale of which to minors is prohibited

License & Site access


ODNRPL, hereby grants you sub license to view and use the website for personal user for placing an order and not to download, duplicate, change, or any portion other than with express and written permission from ODNRPL. It Is expressly clarified that license does exclude any resale or business utilization of this webpage or its substance; any assortment and utilization of any item postings, depictions, or costs; any subsidiary utilization of this website or its substance; any downloading or replicating of record data to support another vendor; or any utilization of information mining, robots, or comparative information social affair and extraction devices. This site or any segment of this site may not be repeated, copied, replicated, sold, exchanged, visited, or in any case misused for any business reason without express composed assent of ODNRPL. You may not outline or use confining strategies to encase any brand name, logo, or other exclusive data (counting pictures, text, page format, or type) of the Site or of ODNRPL and its offshoots without express composed assent. You may not utilize any Meta labels or some other "concealed content" using the Site's or ODNRPL's name or brand names without the express composed assent of ODNRPL. Anything contrary to the aforesaid terms of the license will automatically terminate the permission/license by ODNRPL

Account & Registration Obligations

All customers need to enrol and login for setting orders on the Site. You need to keep your personal details that you have registered on the website updated at all times for correct delivery and communication purposes. By consenting to the terms and conditions, the customer consents to get communication of Promotions and Newsletter with the option of unsubscribing through the customer care.


All the items listed on the Site will be sold on prices not greater than the MRP. The price prevailing at the time of ordering shall be final and charged to the customer and will have no relation with the prices at the time of delivery in case of any change in the same.

Cancellation by Site / Customer

You as a client can drop your request whenever up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have submitted a request by calling our customer care. In this case we shall refund Amy advance payments made by the client. Should a customer be suspected or found involved in any fraudulent transaction or transaction against the Terms of Use of our website, we reserve the right to cancel orders and maintain the customer profile in the negative list and would deny access to them or drop any requests set by them.

Return & Refunds

The company follows a refund and return policy wherein customers have the right to return the products which are not up to the mark in terms of quality. The amount so paid against these are credited to the credit shell which can be utilised towards future shopping

You Agree and Confirm

  • That on account of wrong information of address and name provided by you while ordering or not updating of registered account, we are not able to deliver the product to you, all cost incurred for delivery at the new address shall be borne by you.
  • That you will use the services provided by the Site, its affiliates, consultants and contracted companies, for lawful purposes only and comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using and transacting on the Site.
  • You will provide genuine and true information that is requested of you on the website and that ODNRPL reserves the right to confirm and validate the details provided by you. Should this data be found untrue the company reserves the right to suspend you from utilizing the Services and/or other subsidiary sites without earlier hint at all.
  • You Authorise Dailyneeds to get in touch with you with respect to your order/transaction
  • That you are entering the website and making transactions with your personal judgement and transacting on the same without any liability on ODNRPL 
  • That the location at which the delivery of the item requested by you is correct and all landmarks provided by you are proper
  • That you have carefully understood the description of the product and undertake to be bound by the terms of sales of the item.

You may not use the Site for any of the following purposes:

  • Spreading any unlawful, irritating, offensive, oppressive, compromising, unsafe, profane, indecent, or in any case questionable material or transmit any material that results in criminal offense or any civil/criminal liability or in contravention of any law of the land including cyber law.
  • Efforts to control and access other servers and systems or to interfere with any network or website connected to ODNRPL or interfere with any person using our website. Further you are not permitted for storing electronic copies of material related to the website.


The colour shades of products displayed on the website are as close as possible to the real image Nonetheless, ODNRPL has no liability incase there is difference in the same due to inaccuracy of colours displayed on your monitor.

Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service

The terms and conditions governing the transaction on the website are subject to change without notice and the terms and conditions prevailing at the time of use of the website shall be applicable. ODNRPL is not bound to continue the terms and conditions perpetually.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This User Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India. The jurisdiction of any dispute shall lie in New Delhi. All disputes are subject to and will be referred to an arbitrator appointed by ODNRPL (Under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996) and the seat of the arbitration shall be New Delhi. 

Reviews, Feedback, Submissions

All audits, remarks, criticism, postcards, recommendations, thoughts, and different entries unveiled, submitted or offered to the Site on or by this Site or in any case revealed, submitted or offered regarding your utilization of this Site (aggregately, the "Remarks") will be and remain the property of ODNRPL and ODNRPL shall have no obligation, what so ever, to maintain any remarks in confidence or to pay any compensation to any of your comments or to even reply to any such remark.  Such divulgence, accommodation or offer of any Comments will establish a task to ODNRPL of every single overall right, titles and interests in all copyrights and other scholarly properties in the Comments. In this manner, ODNRPL claims only all such rights, titles and interests and will not be constrained at all in its utilization, business or something else, of any Comments. ODNRPL will be qualified for use, recreate, unveil, change, adjust, make subsidiary works from, distribute, show and circulate any Comments you or any third party submit for any reason at all, without limitation and without repaying you in any capacity. ODNRPL is and will be under no commitment (1) to keep up any Comments in certainty; (2) to pay you or any third party any pay for any Comments; or (3) to react to any Comments. You concur that any Comments put together by you to the Site won't disregard this arrangement or any privilege of any outsider, including copyright, brand name, protection or other individual or restrictive right(s), and won't cause injury to any individual or element. You further concur that no Comments put together by you to the Website will be or contain slanderous or in any case unlawful, undermining, damaging or revolting material, or contain programming infections, political battling, business requesting, junk letters, mass mailings or any type of "spam". ODNRPL doesn't consistently audit posted Comments, however saves the right (yet not the commitment) to screen and alter or evacuate any Comments submitted to the Site. You award ODNRPL the option to utilize the name that you submit regarding any Comments. You make a deal to avoid utilizing a bogus email address, mimic any individual or element, or in any case delude with respect to the starting point of any Comments you submit. You are and will remain exclusively answerable for the substance of any adverse Comments you make and you consent to reimburse ODNRPL and its members for all cases coming about because of any Comments you submit. ODNRPL and its partners assume no liability and expect no risk for any Comments put together by you or any outsider.

Copyright & Trademark

ODNRPL its suppliers and licensors expressly reserve all intellectual property rights in all text, programs, products, processes, technology, content and other materials, which appear on this Site. Access to this Website doesn't present and will not be considered as giving upon any user any permit under any of ODNRPL or any other third-party intellectual property rights. All rights, including copyright, in this site are claimed and owned by ODNRPL.  During the use of the website and its contents or copying and storing it or them in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use is not permitted. No Modification nor distribution nor reposting anything on the website for any purpose is permitted. The names and logos and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are the trademarks or service marks of ODNRPL, its associates, its business partners or its suppliers. All other marks are the property of their respective companies. ODNRPL does not grant any trademark or service mark license in connection with the materials contained on the website and accessing the ODNRPL website does not in any way authorize the user to use any name, logo or mark in any manner. References on this Site to any names, marks, products or services of third parties or hypertext links to third party sites or information are provided solely as a convenience to you and do not in any way constitute or imply ODNRPL endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party, information, product or service. All contents of any third party material or website or representation of third party with respect to accuracy of material is not the liability of ODNRPL. All materials, including images, text, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, programs, music clips or downloads, video clips and written and other materials that are part of this Website (collectively, the "Contents") are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. The contents and other downloadable material on the website strictly for your personal use only. No right, title or enthusiasm for any downloaded materials or programming is moved to you because of any such downloading or duplicating. You may not recreate (with the exception of as noted above), distribute, communicate, circulate, show, change, make subordinate works from, sell or partake in any offer of or misuse in any capacity, in entire or partially, any of the Contents, the Website or any related programming. All product utilized on this Website is the property of ODNRPL or its licensees and providers and ensured by Indian and global copyright laws. The Contents and programming on this Website might be utilized distinctly as a shopping resource.

Objectionable Material

You understand that by using this Site or any services provided on the Site, you may encounter Content that may be deemed by some to be offensive, indecent, or objectionable, which Content may or may not be identified as such. You agree to use the Site and any service at your sole risk and that to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, ODNRPL, its associates and its business partners shall have no liability to you for Content that may be deemed offensive, indecent, or objectionable to you.


You clearly understand and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ODNRPL, its employees, directors, officers, agents and their successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees, caused by or arising out of claims based upon your actions or inactions, which may result in any loss or liability to ODNRPL or any third party including but not limited to breach of any warranties, representations or undertakings or in relation to the non-fulfilment of any of your obligations under this User Agreement or arising out of the your violation of any applicable laws, regulations including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, payment of statutory dues and taxes, claim of libel, defamation, violation of rights of privacy or publicity, loss of service by other subscribers and infringement of intellectual property or other rights. This clause shall survive the expiry or termination of this User Agreement.


This User Agreement is effective unless and until terminated by either you or ODNRPL. You may terminate this User Agreement at any time, provided that you discontinue any further use of this Site. ODNRPL may terminate this User Agreement at any time and may do so immediately without notice, and accordingly deny you access to the Site, Such termination will be without any liability to ODNRPL. Upon any termination of the User Agreement by either you or ODNRPL, you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this Site, as well as all copies of such materials, whether made under the User Agreement or otherwise. ODNRPL's right to any Comments shall survive any termination of this User Agreement. Any such termination of the User Agreement shall not cancel your obligation to pay for the product already ordered from the Website or affect any liability that may have arisen under the User Agreement.


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